Thursday, October 26, 2017

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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Test Patterns, a Weird Fiction Anthology

Planet X Publications is proud to introduce our flagship anthology title


Test Patterns is a collection of short speculative fictions written with classic television shows such as The Outer Limits, The Twilight Zone, and The Night Gallery in mind. Richly varied stories which might impart a moral, inspire thought, offer meaning, inspire hope, or instill dread. Tales told in unique ways, employing provocative twists and surprises, and exploring the universal themes of humanity and self-discovery through the lenses of horror, fantasy, science fiction, and the weird.

Author, webmaster, and musician Duane Pesice of Planet Moderan Press is serving as editor-in-chief of this volume, bringing in diverse talent from (literally) around the world to delight and disturb our readers with brand-new tales of the weird and otherworldly.

Our Table of Contents:

Intro: Michael Adams – Summoning Spirits

D.L. Myers – The Stars are Black

Joseph S. Pulver, Sr. – The Woman in the Forge of Saturday Night

Scott Graves – Evidence of Absence

William Tea – I Am Become Death

Philip Fracassi – The Judge

Sarah Walker – The Snake Beneath My Skin

Ashley Dioses – The Hands of Chaos

Peter Rawlik – The Nomenclature of Unnamable Horrors

Sam L. Edwards – Golden Girl

Brian O’Connell – Scenes From a Forgotten Diorama

Jill Hand – You Can’t Go Wrong With Grass-Fed Beef

Ruth Asch – Abettor

Pete Carter – Work Group

Sean M. Thompson – The Cliffside Tavern

Scott Thomas – One Evening in Whitbridge

Nathan Carson – The Velveteen Volvo

Frederick J. Mayer – Outre Non-limitations

Frederick J. Mayer – The Kumiho Question

Can Wiggins – I’ve Lived in This Place a Long Time

Frank Coffman – The White Terror

John Claude Smith – Symptom of the Universe

Scott J. Couturier – Sustenance of the Stars

Rob F. Martin – Alien Shore

Adam Bolivar – Ye Hermit’s Lay

Don Webb – Bridge

Russell Smeaton – Balls

Matthew M. Bartlett – Call Me Corey

Cody Goodfellow – Hero Mother

Mark Rainey – Red-Eye

K.A. Opperman РS̩ance

Duane Pesice – Looking for Ghosts

Outro: Duane Pesice – Prosaic

Test Patterns is set to launch in November 2017
Watch this space for future announcements and links for purchase!

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Welcome to Planet X

Hello, and welcome to the official blog of Planet X Publications.

Our mission here is to publish high-quality original fiction that dwells at the intersection points of science-fiction, fantasy, horror, the weird, and high-strangeness.

Think of Jack Kirby channeling ancient astronaut theory in The Eternals or his any of his Fourth World books, William Hope Hodgson playing with concepts of life, death, cosmic-scale time, the afterlife, the alien, and the otherworldly in The House on the Borderland, or the morbid inventiveness and interplay of gods, men, and magic in Clark Ashton Smith's Zothique cycle stories, then you'll begin to have an idea of both the aesthetic and the content we are looking for.

This blog will primarily be used for communicating current and future projects of Planet X, but also occasionally for projects by others that excite our imaginations and draw our interest, both past and present.

So, once more, welcome, and thank you for joining us on our journey to strange and startling new worlds...

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