Thursday, February 2, 2017

Test Patterns, a Weird Fiction Anthology

Planet X Publications is proud to introduce our flagship anthology title


Test Patterns is a collection of short speculative fictions written with classic television shows such as The Outer Limits, The Twilight Zone, and The Night Gallery in mind. Richly varied stories which might impart a moral, inspire thought, offer meaning, inspire hope, or instill dread. Tales told in unique ways, employing provocative twists and surprises, and exploring the universal themes of humanity and self-discovery through the lenses of horror, fantasy, science fiction, and the weird.

Author, webmaster, and musician Duane Pesice of Planet Moderan Press is serving as editor-in-chief of this volume, bringing in diverse talent from (literally) around the world to delight and disturb our readers with brand-new tales of the weird and otherworldly.

Our Table of Contents:

Intro: Michael Adams – Summoning Spirits

D.L. Myers – The Stars are Black

Joseph S. Pulver, Sr. – The Woman in the Forge of Saturday Night

Scott Graves – Evidence of Absence

William Tea – I Am Become Death

Philip Fracassi – The Judge

Sarah Walker – The Snake Beneath My Skin

Ashley Dioses – The Hands of Chaos

Peter Rawlik – The Nomenclature of Unnamable Horrors

Sam L. Edwards – Golden Girl

Brian O’Connell – Scenes From a Forgotten Diorama

Jill Hand – You Can’t Go Wrong With Grass-Fed Beef

Ruth Asch – Abettor

Pete Carter – Work Group

Sean M. Thompson – The Cliffside Tavern

Scott Thomas – One Evening in Whitbridge

Nathan Carson – The Velveteen Volvo

Frederick J. Mayer – Outre Non-limitations

Frederick J. Mayer – The Kumiho Question

Can Wiggins – I’ve Lived in This Place a Long Time

Frank Coffman – The White Terror

John Claude Smith – Symptom of the Universe

Scott J. Couturier – Sustenance of the Stars

Rob F. Martin – Alien Shore

Adam Bolivar – Ye Hermit’s Lay

Don Webb – Bridge

Russell Smeaton – Balls

Matthew M. Bartlett – Call Me Corey

Cody Goodfellow – Hero Mother

Mark Rainey – Red-Eye

K.A. Opperman РS̩ance

Duane Pesice – Looking for Ghosts

Outro: Duane Pesice – Prosaic

Test Patterns is set to launch in November 2017
Watch this space for future announcements and links for purchase!

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